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Little girl and her prime minister

Little girl and her prime minister

Little girl and her prime minister

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4718 ratings
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    Little girl and her prime minister
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    Dr. Heilong
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    Canela books
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2022-06-16 20:12:28
Su Yiqiu, who was supposed to be Miss Qianjin, became a refugee because of a war. She saw all her family die in the war and wandered around as a beggar. However, she was picked up home by a little childe because of an accident. Only then did she know that the little childe's grandfather was a famous prime minister the little childe originally wanted to keep Su Yiqiu at home as a charming sister. He would not be bullied all his life I don't think the little girl is smart since childhood. She has been influenced by him and has some ambition. Then he takes the little girl with him, looks at the government and reads and writes with him. It's the same style as his younger sister when he grew up the original little childe has also grown into a man, but it seems that there is no way to treat the little girl as a pampered sister "I am willing to stay with you forever and never be separated all my life." (men and women are the masters of growth. Men and women are ten years old. They are all children and have a growth path. They are not perfect people. Every powerful person grows up slowly. Naturally, there are some conflicts and stupid things in the growth process. Each role is three-dimensional and has its own thought and character. I will also try to shape each role well. Non Mary Suwen, men also have to go through some training to become prime minister. Don't mind entering.)

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