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A good daughter-in-law in the 1990s

A good daughter-in-law in the 1990s

A good daughter-in-law in the 1990s

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    A good daughter-in-law in the 1990s
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    I am your love bean
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2022-09-05 21:34:59
Previous life miserable, back to the 1990s does a lazy woman suddenly become diligent Ye Jianhua doesn't believe that a lazy woman who doesn't care about maggots in the house will suddenly get better: "what the hell are you doing?" Su Hao's face is solemn: "we don't want public things. How about being upright?" "it doesn't matter if life is hard. We can create a better life with our own hands!" he rolled his eyes and thought about what, There's no need to take advantage of it "OK, listen to you!" he promised to go out without money Su Hao's heart was pounding her husband has a lot of problems. It doesn't matter. Let's see her adjust Su Hao said that she wanted to become the richest woman in business her mother-in-law smiled: "it's a dream to be the richest man even though you didn't graduate from primary school!" Su Hao doesn't believe in evil: "I know knitting, can raise beads, and do everything in production and sales!" her husband smiled: "then I'll hand in my salary and wait for my daughter-in-law's soft meal!" several years later director Ye is young and handsome, has power and money, but has no son "director ye, I'm young and beautiful and will have a son. I'll give you monkeys..." "who will give birth to monkeys?" Su Hao rolled down the window of Rolls Royce and showed his beautiful side face "Miss Su, the richest man in China!!!" people around exclaimed "let my wife pick me up for a soft meal!" Ye Jianhua happily took the exclusive co driver a good man never depends on selection. He has to teach himself.

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