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Mr. Ba is a wolf

Mr. Ba is a wolf

Mr. Ba is a wolf

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    Mr. Ba is a wolf
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    Sin Ji
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2022-01-14 12:48:09
As the only stain in the glorious years of the white wolf king, Bai Zhenzhen was unanimously identified as a waste with zero lethality by the wolf family well, unfortunately, based on her 20 years of personal experience, this is indeed a fact so, with great curiosity about human society, she decided to go to the human world alone and look for Ma Ma's hometown... however, she was mistaken for a little fox by general manager Pei Hao, who was also the leader of the silver wolf. She took it back to his mansion and willingly became a lazy little cute pet... soon, an accident happened, Bai Zhenzhen drank the master's wine by mistake, revealing the "fox tail" and turned into a human shape. Pei Hao, who found all this, became more determined to let himself fall into this cross racial love. From then on, they began a more shameless daily life... however, will all this really go on so smoothly? What beautiful adventures will there be?

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