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No name, no year

No name, no year

No name, no year

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    No name, no year
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    Round black tea
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-16 02:16:52
After Li Yiming was separated from his brother, he embarked on the journey alone. He met his good friend Chen Ci and all kinds of partners their camp is Morton autonomous region, a ruined city composed of refugees. They not only have to resist foreign invaders and infected variants, but also resist natural disasters during this period, they will encounter various institutions organized by the government, the state or individuals. The survival of anonymous and partners naturally requires the help of those institutions, but those institutions are not as bright as they seem can anonymous cope with the final test it mainly talks about the growth of the protagonist and the daily life of his partners at the end of the world. The early stage of the plot will not be too serious in addition to the country name, all other place names, building names and organization names in this book are fictional.