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Love is reborn. I have to play games

Love is reborn. I have to play games

Love is reborn. I have to play games

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    Love is reborn. I have to play games
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    Mo yuan light language
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    Air books
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2023-05-21 05:32:32
Ye Xiaojun just crossed over and received a text message asking her to buy a game warehouse to play games. Ignorant, she had to turn to her former owner's good friend friends: Game warehouse? You don't play games. Why do you buy that expensive thing! Ignore the salesmen and be careful of Internet viruses Ye Xiaojun suddenly realized that he decided to ignore the game promotion of "a dog at the beginning, a knife 99" as a result, after leaving the hospital, ye Xiaojun was swiped by the information of the ancient game. More importantly, within two days, she received a huge sum of money for her to buy the game warehouse a poor friend: ah... The game warehouse is too expensive. Why not use a game helmet Ye Xiaojun, who was even poorer, looked at the information that the terminal was swiped and swallowed his saliva: let's still use the game warehouse. People have stressed it so many times as a result, ye Xiaojun and his friends caught up with the first batch of ancient games and chose the race "Mu Ling" required to be randomly found in the screen brushing information later, ye Xiaojun met a crazy lover in the game who claimed to be reborn ten years later. She was also a provider of initial funds such as the game warehouse Ye Xiaojun: sorry, my mother won't let me play with fools, neither can I tease later, ye Xiaojun found that it was said to be a rebirth of chubby. What he said seems to be true hey, if she was not careful, she went through the hot real and fake qianjinwen?

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