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Peerless Obsidian

Peerless Obsidian

Peerless Obsidian

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    Peerless Obsidian
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    Nine hearts are skillful but greasy
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-02-11 11:13:32
In the era of peace and prosperity, all ethnic groups coexisted peacefully. Talented girls were born, and their companions became the five most dazzling stars in order to survive, she was taken in as a child and experienced twists and turns in her campus career when she was young, she was chased and killed by powerful forces. When she was abandoned by the college, her former friends turned against each other... "I'm sorry, I can't accompany you... since then, she decided not to hurt others, but inadvertently solved the mystery of her life experience and was chased and killed again "some people are doomed to die, and you didn't do anything wrong." "what about everyone's prey? I only know that you are the most precious here." forgotten memories poured into her mind, and she became "herself" again "pay attention to your identity." "what I say and do is not up to you to dictate here." what will happen to him and her in the third reincarnation after being punished by God [Note: the content of the article is purely fictional] [original, don't steal. If there are similarities, it's pure coincidence.]

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