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The Alpha Beta Gamer Golden Rules

1. At Alpha Beta Gamer we aim to spread the word on gaming Alpha and Beta tests of all types, indie and mainstream.

2. We cover Alpha/Betas on all platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac, consoles, iOS, Android & WinPhone.

3. We aim to add at least one Alpha/Beta a day.

4. We’re always keen to hear about any Alpha/Betas, so please contact us if you come across any. If we use your suggestion, we’ll thank you in the article.

5. Similarly, if you’re a dev, and would like to have your game featured, please contact us.

6. All the Alpha/Betas that we feature have to be free to the player.  If your game is not free, this may be worked around by sending us some keys to give out through the website.

7. We encourage all of our Beta Testers to give feedback on games. Devs put a lot of work into their games, and need your help to make them as good as they can be.

8. If you find an Alpha/Beta that you like on our site, please spread the word, especially for indies as they don’t always get the publicity they deserve.

9. Please remember that all of the games featured are all works in progress, and may change dramatically before the final release.

10.  Have fun!  We try to feature a wide variety of interesting games, we hope you enjoy them!

11. If you’re a developer of a game (still in development or a full release) we may also be able to feature it on one of your two YouTube channels: Alpha Beta Gamer and ABG: Bobbert’s Back Door. Feel free to send keys/download links and we’ll check them out. We can’t promise every game submitted will get featured though.

If you Have any questions, feedback or Alpha/Beta news, please contact us at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “About Alpha Beta Gamer”

    • Hi,
      Do you mean how do you become a paid beta tester?

      It’s quite a hard field to get into nowadays as it’s becoming less common for devs to pay beta testers. With Kickstarter and Early access becoming so successful, most devs don’t have to pay people to Beta test any-more (infact, with early access Beta Testers pay the Devs for the honour of Beta Testing their game). This is understandable as indie devs usually don’t have the budget to pay for beta testers anyway.

      The big companies don’t employ as many Beta testers either nowadays, as people are always chomping at the bit to test their new releases (DayZ, Hearthstone, DOTA 2 & Elder Scrolls online for example). Obviously they still do some in-house testing (although going but BF4, Sim City & NBA Live it doesn’t look like EA gives a shit about it anymore), so if you really do want to become a full time beta tester, you just have to apply to the companies directly, as you would with any other job.

      It can be a very tedious job though, and it’s not as fun as you would expect. There’s a good article on it HERE

      Best of luck, I hope this has been of some help :)

  1. You guys get a chance to look into Echoes of Eridu? It’s an action Roguelike that’s based its gameplay off of the Megaman X series, There’s 9 days left on the kickstarter, too, and a little over halfway to the goal.

    • Hi! Yeah it’s a great game! I actually did a preview of it on IGM . We can’t post it on ABG though until they release a playable build of it to the public. As soon as they release one though, we’d love to cover it! :)


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