Games to Get Excited About Fest

You’re cordially invited to the Games to Get Excited About Fest – An indie games event that showcases exciting new indie games in development.

The Games to Get Excited About Fest will feature over a hundred unique indie games showcased in just over an hour, with a few little links and terrible puns between game categories. The aim of the show is to respect viewers’ … Read More

The Crimson Diamond – Beta Demo

The Crimson Diamond is an EGA styled point and click text parser mystery adventure where a geologist investigates the discovery of a massive diamond in Ontario.

In The Crimson Diamond you follow the adventure of a young Canadian geologist called Nancy Maple, who is a clerk at the Royal Canadian Museum. She is sent to investigate the story of a massive diamond that was found … Read More

I Am Your Beast – Beta Demo

I Am Your Beast is a brutal and fast paced revenge thriller FPS where a retired covert agent doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do by his former bosses.

In I Am Your Beast you are a former agent of the Covert Operations Initiative who has been retired for the last six years and has a peaceful life off the grid. However, your … Read More

Old School Rally – Beta Demo

Old School Rally is a good old fashioned Colin McRae Rally style arcade racing game, complete with crunchy retro visuals and moderately legally distinct classic rally vehicles.

The rally racing gameplay in Old School Rally is very much like 90s classics Sega Rally, Colin McRae Rally and V-Rally. The demo features three drivable vehicles, and three tracks (Australia, Finland and Sweden) playable in Time … Read More

The Alters – Beta Demo

The Alters is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi survival adventure where you create alternate versions of yourself to build a crew that will help you escape an alien planet.

In The Alters your ship has crash-landed on an alien planet and you’re the only survivor. It’s a hostile place where even the rays of the sun can kill you, so you’ll need to be smart to survive … Read More