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Quick wear villain girl is a bug

Quick wear villain girl is a bug

Quick wear villain girl is a bug

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    Quick wear villain girl is a bug
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    Qi Ji
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-09 07:57:17
She is the most holy God in the heavens, sleeping in the deep sea of endless darkness once awakened, he learns that he is going to redeem the Fallen Angel full of sin - System: "he is so poor that the host, as the purest God in the world, must want to redeem him!" old Ling's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and a warm smile was raised at the corners of her mouth. She looked innocently at the system: "the dead will not blacken." System: " - System: "we are so poor, the host should go to redeem him and hold his thigh!" Sui Ling wiped the blood stained fingertips, and the men and women who were reborn behind her knelt tremblingly. She said in a indifferent voice, "it's very poor." System: "..." - she has always been the object he wants to pull down from the altar, but when her glow shines into his dark and decadent life, he is willing to hide his edge and put down all his sins the smile on the corners of Ling's mouth is gentle and can't be touched, but the holy and pure white wings behind him turn black in an instant: "I didn't say I was pure and harmless."

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