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Liu Yang s love

Liu Yang s love

Liu Yang s love

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    Liu Yang s love
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    Author fxrevp
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    Passion Novel
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2023-05-23 22:23:22
In the umbrella room of Chunhua, a plague broke out in Zhangqiu. Xiao Fan, as a doctor of the drug safety hall in the capital, went to the disaster relief with 50 or 60 people. On his way back, he accidentally entered the circle surrounded by poisonous snakes. He used poison to kill poisonous snakes and saved his fellow disciples. Therefore, he was questioned by his opponent. Under the instigation of his opponent, Xiao Fan was detained and poisoned in his cell. Later, he was saved by the people of Zhangqiu. However, Xiao Fan was poisoned. Although Yao'an Tang also took Xiao Fan out for medical treatment, Xiao Fan also saved the seriously injured lone woman on the way, but the poison on Xiao Fan was never cured. Xiao Fan didn't want to trouble the school. He asked to keep his doctor's identity and went to the branch of Yao'an hall in Liuyang town Xiao Fan came to Yao'an hall to wait for death with dignity. The master who secretly taught him to use poison could not bear his disciples to wait for death. He found the woman saved by Xiao Fan on the way to seek medical treatment and persuaded the woman to follow Xiao Fan to Liuyang for medical treatment. The agreement between the woman and Yao'an hall was two years. Xiao Fan, due to his fame, told Liu Yang that they were heavenly wives and began a life of Liu Yang. A skillful doctor, with superb poison, a man with sealed internal power but profound force, the same is a kind heart. They went from the name of husband and wife to the relationship between husband and wife. Finally, in the face of aggressive world events, they left Liuyang together and prepared to face their own dangers together.

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