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My binding CP is a villain

My binding CP is a villain

My binding CP is a villain

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    My binding CP is a villain
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    Circular fruit
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    Woske Novel
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2022-06-22 10:32:02
Well, one day, I was given to their gods by a group of people. In order to survive, I followed them to recite a mantra to confuse the public< Br> in a word, at the end of the first round of operation, the villain God and I offered sacrifices to each other. Whether it was to terminate the contract or to kill the other party, we all had to find the righteous boss, the God of light< Br> come on, set out for a bright future< Br> the female leader's three outlooks are normal and has no faith. The male leader's villain is persistent in dominating his career and has no bad habits (Hello)

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