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Heavenly spirit mountain

Heavenly spirit mountain

Heavenly spirit mountain

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    Heavenly spirit mountain
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    Jade Lang Caixiu
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    Hot Read
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The spirit of heaven is a mysterious mountain, which is enough for the brain to imagine endlessly< Br> there was a fire in ancient times, only the soul of fire butterfly and the original God of fire beast were left< Br> after 100000 years, the earth resurrected, and the fire butterfly was reborn from the giant insect, incarnated in the stone feather man, and took on the mission of protecting the divine world< Br> the fire beast has also become a Moro ghost, trying to take private ownership of the divine world< Br> there have been two forces guarding and destroying good and evil on Tianling mountain. Is it not true in the world< Br> people can become gods, demons can become immortals, and demons are Warcraft after all; Kind, vicious, ferocious, tear off the mask to be easy to identify< Br> mountains are primitive mountains, and things are growing roots and buds. Changing countless realms is not enough to see the strange horizon< Br> as many adventures as you can imagine, there will be as many miraculous stretches< Br>... weak heart, a trace of kindness, holding up a strong dream.

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