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Yunting mountain

Yunting mountain

Yunting mountain

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    Yunting mountain
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    Warning signal
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    Famized book
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2023-04-18 17:03:19
The three realms of the floating world take Xumi mountain as the center. Above it is the palace of Tianlong Babu, and below it is the unfathomable futi sea Fucheng won the title of Nanyan futi. This year, it plans to hold a sumo sacrifice. It also takes mohuroga, the python God of the eight heavenly dragons, as a living sacrifice. Unexpectedly, on the eve of the sacrifice, the beast awakened in the main street and rioted, killing and wounding countless pedestrians the young girl Yun Jiao was born in a remote fishing village in Dongsheng Shenzhou. Because her parents died early, she disguised herself as a boy. He followed a group of musicians to the Fucheng grand event. He encountered the bone spurs and tusks of Python. He was saved by Shen Lanxiu, the son of the animal training family in the city, and suffered the bloody storm of Su Mo sacrifice together before Shen Lanxiu was 20 years old, he was a young man with excellent skills and appearance. However, overnight, his proud deep spiritual power disappeared for no reason. Since then, his mind has been frustrated and he sits idle at home every day to deal with family affairs. However, the python who committed crimes and killed was escorted and domesticated by the Shen family, and had to be involved in the dark vortex of the struggle between magic and power I thought they met by chance and separated at the end of the song. I never thought there was a greater secret of their life experience waiting for them: what did the first great Brahma King leave to the three realms tens of thousands of years ago? What are the causes and consequences of the eight thousand year civil strife in Tianlong eight? Where should the "demigod" people sandwiched between the mountains and the sea go one is a moth to the fire, the other is a sweet death. Only the clouds and smoke on Xumi mountain and the surging waves in the floating sea remember their names. When the once-in-a-thousand billows rise into the sky and meet the clouds, it is their last intimacy.

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