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Villain Princess counter attack

Villain Princess counter attack

Villain Princess counter attack

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    Villain Princess counter attack
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    Cool snow
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    Canela books
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2022-08-02 03:21:18
Once through, Lin Miaomiao fell into the book and became the envy of Princess Zhaoyu in true and false Tuan Chong but only Lin Miaomiao knows that she will die with an arrow through her heart group pet is fake, cannon fodder is real everyone in the book is her life-threatening boss! In order to save her life, she secretly rubbed the plan: hold the thigh of Leng Linfeng, the prince of the neighboring country who was temporarily down and later became powerful in order to hold Leng Linfeng's thigh firmly, he forcibly turned a small cannon fodder into a big female master. But something's wrong. The camouflaged villain boss, how can you be my 'male pet' at ease? What about your career Lin Miaomiao: so I took the Queen's script!