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Rebirth of nongmen Xiaofu s wife

Rebirth of nongmen Xiaofu s wife

Rebirth of nongmen Xiaofu s wife

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    Rebirth of nongmen Xiaofu s wife
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    Wind ten miles
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    52weixin Books
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2023-06-08 13:57:52
The female military doctor was reborn. In ancient times, she encountered drought and famine. Her grandfather was dregs and her grandmother was poisoned. She wanted to sell her family for food GU Jinli said: it's a little fun. First solve the bad milk of master slag, then find water for food, and take the whole family through the famine when fleeing famine and settling down in Dafeng Village, it's hard for outsiders to mix. All kinds of are bullied. How can we break it GU Jin'an said: it doesn't matter. Brother, I'm a big man in the imperial examination. I'm a scholar all the way. Scholars raise scholars, shine on the lintel and look down on slag life is going well. There are war disasters everywhere. Gu Jinli lifts the table. I just want to farm and fight. Go away little brother picked up from the famine: don't panic, my lady. Your husband is a battlefield madman. A small soldier becomes a marquis. He will protect your 10000 mu medicine field and be safe all his life PS: face battering and dregs farming text, men and women are clean in body and mind, 1v1 spoil each other, and happy ending. [the female leader is not a doctor. She can only make a fortune with medical knowledge ^ 0 ^]

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