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Hongjiadi Benji

Hongjiadi Benji

Hongjiadi Benji

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    Hongjiadi Benji
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    Boar King III
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    Wine Novel
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2023-01-12 08:08:58
The general trend of the world is to divide and divide for a long time. In the Late Jin Dynasty, the emperor had no virtue, favored cunning and crafty people, built large-scale construction, and the people were in dire straits. General Gu Ting rose up to fight against the confused king and established the Xia Dynasty. He was called emperor Ding of the Yuan Dynasty, enfeoffed his parents and children and granted amnesty to the world. In the twelfth month of the first year of the summer, Princess Rui gave birth to a daughter. The old man of ghost Valley traveled through Shengjing and opened his eyes to see the secret of heaven. He unexpectedly said that this daughter was a real dragon. The emperor was furious, but the next day, the once-in-a-century rainstorm in the south of the Yangtze River suddenly stopped, the border of the Xia Dynasty won a complete victory, lost all its land, and had a bumper harvest the next year. Emperor Xi, specially named this woman "Princess of the town". In the fifth year of summer, the old man of ghost valley came to Shengjing again and took the princess as an apprentice to travel around. In the 18th year of the great summer, the princess returned to Shengjing, which opened a stirring growth history of the female emperor.

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