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Die in front of fake girlfriends

Die in front of fake girlfriends

Die in front of fake girlfriends

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    Die in front of fake girlfriends
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    Mango wordy
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    52weixin Books
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2022-12-23 13:48:00
Once you accept a certain setting, you can't go back. For example, when Su Xiaoman sees the female products of his new roommate, no matter how handsome Cheng Xingchi is, he is a woman Cheng Xingchi had no choice but to shave, suggesting that he was a boy Su Xiaoman: "you don't need to shave this. The more you shave, the more you shave. And this brand of razor is not as easy to use as this one!" Cheng Xingchi deliberately hung his underwear, suggesting: Su Xiaoman: "look! I have it too! Sure enough, I have a heart. I also hang a pair of men's underwear when you're not here. Look at me!" Cheng Xingchi showed her her her ID card with a big trick: Su Xiaoman: "as your good friend, I won't see your black history!" Su Xiaoman's daily Amway: "you see, this is my favorite voice actor, my husband! Listen? Listen! Ah..." "New Year's wish, I want to see my voice actor husband!" Chinese New Year "Happy New Year!" The clear male voice startled the female owner. This voice... terrible! She died in front of this fake girl every day!

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