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The lucky bag coaxes the villain fathers every day

The lucky bag coaxes the villain fathers every day

The lucky bag coaxes the villain fathers every day

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    The lucky bag coaxes the villain fathers every day
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    Gu jiuchu
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    Day Books
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2022-06-29 19:36:40
Little Laurie Miaomiao had four more dads overnight these four dads have something in common. They are all villains who turn black accidentally and destroy the sky and the earth anytime, anywhere uncle system tells Miaomiao that she wants to stop her fathers from doing bad things so three-year-old xiaomiaomiao embarked on the road of no return that coaxed the villain fathers every day the first father was a movie star who was hacked out of the circle. In order to make his father sunny, milk dumplings organized online business and cooperated with fans and sisters to call his father online the second father is the president of the group. He is always committed to making others bankrupt. His biggest hobby is acquisition the third father is a real estate tycoon. He loves to tear down houses and dig graves. He always jumps repeatedly on the edge of breaking the law the fourth father is a genius. He is immersed in his own world and pursues the perfect criminal logic ···· it's not easy for little Lori to do business online. Let's have a sigh lovely Laurie holds the hand of the villain fathers tightly: Dad, don't be afraid, Miaomiao protects you, and Miaomiao accompanies you on the road of socialist harmonious development the villains who were determined to destroy the sky and the earth: ··· people:... Where did the little Laurie who dared to run wild in the arms of the villains come from? Why is this painting wrong? Where are these big guys who are busy being dads and raising girls all day or the big villains they know who destroy the sky and the earth all the time?

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