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Granny nongmen s road of tomorrow

Granny nongmen s road of tomorrow

Granny nongmen s road of tomorrow

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    Granny nongmen s road of tomorrow
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    Sanyang Tailai
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    Happy Novel
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Bamboo orchid through female match counter attack farming text, realize three-level jump, get married, have children, be a mother-in-law, focus on the key points, counter attack the evil mother-in-law in the text from 26 to 36, it comes with six children, two daughters-in-law, several grandchildren and a live husband. The key point is not the original, but the people who pit her only when Zhulan became the original did she know that she was hurt by two daughter-in-law. The eldest daughter-in-law has a loud voice and has her own brain tonic function. A little thing changes her taste in her mouth the second daughter-in-law is timid and cowardly. She cries whenever she meets people. She vividly portrays Zhulan as an evil mother-in-law Zhulan, "... It's really hard to live." someone, "and me." Zhulan, "hehe, you're the worst for me!" someone, "..."