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Koi boss through the years

Koi boss through the years

Koi boss through the years

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    Koi boss through the years
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    White basket dyeing
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    Happy Novel
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Li Jin, a talented painter from the alien mainland, traveled to the one-year-old baby without a father in Laoqian's family in the mountain village in the 1970s five uncles are worth ten dads. A little girl without a father is spoiled by Lao Qian's family and becomes a little princess brocade fish can protect the body and draw heaven and earth turn your hands into clouds, cover your hands with rain, catch snow into rice, and sprinkle beans into gold Li Jin has become a small God of fortune in the mountain village the little Jiao Jiao of the Qian family, where she stands, where she blossoms, where she touches, where she makes money Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, moral, intellectual, physical and beautiful, everything exceeds the standard grandma and five uncles don't care enough. Cousins protect the Dharma with them "the Qian family is really rich!" "the little Jiaojiao of the Qian family is really a god of fortune." "the big girl of the Qian family is carrying such a god of fortune, which man can deserve it!" hearing the discussion, Li Jin wants to draw a father for xiaojiaojiao. She can make all things natural, but she can't make a man out of thin air alas, why does this little brother seem to come out of my painting a battle suit, shiny hat, wide shoulders and chest, and high spirits Yan Beiqiao: "my daughter-in-law, let me know." Li Jin:... Yan Beiqiao: "my daughter-in-law and I were childhood friends." Li Jin:... Yan Beiqiao: "my daughter-in-law is the best in the world!" Li Jin: "Yan Beiqiao, don't bring such a dazzling wife!" it is said that Yan Beiqiao is decisive in killing and fighting, but he is afraid of his daughter-in-law Li Jin tightened his quilt and smiled. They are all big men. Who is afraid of who.

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