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After years, how can I congratulate you

After years, how can I congratulate you

After years, how can I congratulate you

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    After years, how can I congratulate you
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    Fat waxy meow
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    Apple novel
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2022-12-15 09:48:02
From the first day of returning home, bailuo orange officially entered the countdown of her life a bloody storm was waiting for her both relatives and lovers betrayed. Where will she go "hello" a sexy man's voice sounded "Ye Mohan, I forgive you, forgive you for not loving me, forgive your deception, and forgive you for all you have done to me" "you don't need to apologize to me, because I have forgiven you, and everything today is voluntary." "thank you for your life. I am very satisfied. This journey is my life" "Ye Mohan, let's reconcile. From now on, don't hate me, annoy me, blame me, and I won't love you anymore. I won't pester you in this life, next life, and next life. I'll let you go." this is the last paragraph Bai Luocheng said to Ye Mohan: she let him go and herself SHEN chenqian "do you love her?" Ye Mohan "don't love" Shen chenqian looked slightly, "then you'd better not fall in love with her, or your retribution will come."

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