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Royal jade order

Royal jade order

Royal jade order

Rating: 9 / 10 from 27004 ratings
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    Royal jade order
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    Si Jin
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    Free Novel!
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2023-01-24 17:17:17
[double strong mutual favor + royal guards detective + hot blooded suspense] Shi Yong lost his mind for men in his last life, and finally got the bad name of "female devil head" and died in Imperial prison. Only then did he understand that there must be love when crossing is a joke born again to Ashi, she decided to be an ordinary female servant, eat and die but from then on, the royal guards governor relied on her to continue his life the eunuch of Dongchang called her aunt the prince grew up with her she was forced to take action by a series of strange cases is this damn human setup marisu or Shura field -- [hidden female devil vs noble, cool and gorgeous living hell] [one wields the power of the world, one lies on the knees of a drunken beauty, solves mysteries while falling in love, talks about cases while watching rivers and mountains, and strong and strong duels and strong and strong cooperation.] -- [small theater] Shi Yong reveals his arms and feet, and people say: don't abide by women's morality Shi Yong picked up the clothes of local ruffians in the street, and people said: I don't know shame Shi Yong shook the bed creaking, and people said: it's terrible Shi Yong is able to solve cases, and people say: neither fish nor fowl someone thought: since she can't stop making waves, it's better to stay around for her own use after using it, someone starts to have a headache "Why are you more and more reckless?" "you're used to it." "Alas, you like you with this seat." ... (overhead one-on-one, don't textual research) (Group: 36138976)

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