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Nirvana of tianqin

Nirvana of tianqin

Nirvana of tianqin

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    Nirvana of tianqin
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    Mountain Book
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2022-06-26 11:32:39
When someone dies, she becomes a Piao. When she dies, she becomes a Piao living in beads a Piao is just a Piao, at least "alive" she was unwilling to be a Piao that no one saw or heard. She sought change but was sent to a place she didn't know "it's amazing to retrieve the original light with only a little light family characteristics... As a light storage, it's amazing to lose the original light. Although it's recovered, tens of millions of photons and Yuanzi can't be born. Our family can't resist the four families, so we have to return to the family and stick to it." after she was sent back, she was reborn into her mother's stomach, She still has the same constitution and ability as her previous life... reincarnation and reincarnation from one life to another, she remembers the beginning bit by bit Where does a bead come from the Shura realm bordering the divine world and the dark world disappeared, followed by the dark god forbidden area... starting point!

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