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Get rid of that Chen Shimei

Get rid of that Chen Shimei

Get rid of that Chen Shimei

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    Get rid of that Chen Shimei
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    Contradictory orange
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    Only Novel
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2022-12-07 12:45:52
The eldest daughter said, "it's not good for father slag to learn from Chen Shimei, who killed his wife and abandoned his son, and my mother quickly divorced him!" the second daughter said, "my father doesn't love my mother, I'll spoil her!" the third daughter said, "father slag's crooked neck tree doesn't deserve my mother, mother, what do you think of my arrogant and uninhibited adoptive father?" the younger son said, "I think my adoptive father is better. Do you want to consider it?" Adoptive son No. 1: "I have a father. I'm rich. Godmother, would you consider taking him over?" adoptive son No. 2: "godmother, in fact, I also have a father. I'm not only rich, but also have some power. Think about it?" someone: "that... people are angry:" your father is too old! " someone laughs:" no, no, no, I want to be your father! " Liu Ruyue offered a kitchen knife and everyone shut up PS: This is a gourmet article. Women are independent and strong, focusing on warmth. Overhead world, don't worry about when spinach, tomato, potato, sunflower and other foreign dishes entered the Central Plains. Thank you finish the old book 4.3 million words "cannon fodder battle" and 1.15 million words "the peasant lady is a little tough" welcome to see!

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