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The villain s wife wants to be a man

The villain s wife wants to be a man

The villain s wife wants to be a man

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    The villain s wife wants to be a man
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    Shuangmu pear flower white
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    Light Novel
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2022-08-16 09:16:14
Jiang LAN died suddenly and was found by nvzun system 009 looking for the host. Under all kinds of entanglement, Jiang LAN agreed to system 009 if she can change the fate of the villains in the mission world, 009 will help her return to the original world First World: the poor Phoenix female wife x is delicate, gentle and black hearted lotus husband JIANG LAN: is she a pretentious Phoenix female? She's trying to kill her husband? Who will die if she doesn't die Qin Yuehan: I know that my wife first plotted against me, but now I believe her... people: have you two forgotten your original intention? Aren't you looking for a puppet wife? Didn't you say you just wanted to plot his family's power and wealth in the end, you have become the envy of the world the second world... the third world... the fourth world... system 009: it's for you to complete the task, not for you to feed my dog food... JIANG LAN: Tongzi is good, play while you don't delay my pet husband

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