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Farmer s fierce wife raising cubs

Farmer s fierce wife raising cubs

Farmer s fierce wife raising cubs

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    Farmer s fierce wife raising cubs
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    Wan Zhi
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-31 15:38:33
[black bellied coquettish boss vs loyal little general] as a Taoist monk in my previous life, I didn't enter the gate of hell after burping farts. Instead, I had to raise a baby as soon as I woke up. Fu Yuan said that I didn't seem very good seeing the little girl lying in front of the bed with her mouth turned and her eyes blinked, Wei chubaba looked at her. The two sons were also sensible and careful, quiet and quiet. Fu Yuan's heart was horizontal and his big hand waved, "raise it!" fooled the shopkeeper, took the down-to-earth restaurant, joined the garment shop and embarked on the road of becoming rich do you despise people from the countryside Fu Yuan smiled contemptuously and opened his mouth coldly. Let's take off your fancy clothes first however, once he went up the mountain, left the unconscious man and sold his big tiger, Fu Yuan knew what trouble he had caused Fu Yuan, the big man, looked at me and said, "you shouldn't worry about me. There are many good ladies in the capital." the man smiled and said, "to please you is to please you. There's no right or wrong." Fu · yuan, the big man, said: "I don't want to participate in your world." the man grabbed the man across the street and held him in his arms. "That's clearly not what you said about your heartbeat." ... after the marriage, the big man lay lazily on the imperial concubine's couch. A man politely served tea and water, rubbed his shoulders and beat his back Fu Yuan: "my son's homework?" Zhao Lanqing: "I've been urged." "the daughter's clothes and food?" "the latest models of the season have been sent to her attic." then a man suddenly deceived him, "lady, diapers and clothes are ready to coax children. When will we have our own baby?" 1v1 Shuangjie.

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