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Farmer s palette

Farmer s palette

Farmer s palette

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    Farmer s palette
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    Innocent demon w
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    365 Books
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2022-06-23 16:15:33
If wisdom is born, how many joys and sorrows will there be in the world? But the starting point of life is blank. It seems that we all come for feelings. Everything is the expression of feelings. Many people come and go. When all the noise is quiet, we are all similar but different at the age of 14, a handsome boy confessed to you! You dare not love, because you are still a child; But you love secretly, because you know love at the age of 15, my father died, the liquor declined and the stars dimmed! Puppy love was exposed. The teacher laughed at you and flattered you after entering school at the age of 16, youth is expanding, hormones are soaring, and friends are drifting away. Mom remarried, reorganized the family and made noise all day. You were depressed and fat, but the handsome boy who had an appointment with you left at the age of 17, you have made several friends, and your life has gained several clusters of light after graduating from high school at the age of 18, you still love that handsome boy. Let's forget it! Or go find him! You said you didn't insist at the age of 19, many people in college confessed to you that roses can't represent love! A beautiful boy brought you sunflowers at the age of 20, you say that love is not a beach, red wine, candlelight dinner or private customization. It's that he didn't do anything and you didn't ask anything; He has nothing, you are not afraid of anything; He didn't say anything, you know everything; It's a very complex thing. Run with life... the 28 year old bright young man is still there. He will talk with you and the stars. In a word, you can play with Ma Tianya. There is no helplessness and struggle. Others are disturbing. You have a good story all your life!

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