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After retiring, she amazed the world

After retiring, she amazed the world

After retiring, she amazed the world

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    After retiring, she amazed the world
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    Emperor song
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    Wine Novel
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[a exploding female leader] vs [male leader with super combat effectiveness] a fire, the first love of the people is ruined, and the future is ruined her fiance strongly withdrew because she thought her appearance was ruined; The adoptive mother kicked her out of the house because she thought she was like my shoes she wrote a letter of resignation, a letter of severance, and left smartly after Yu Huang left, people in the entertainment circle were saying - "I heard that after Yu Huang left the circle, she dyed red hair, wore a veil and went to the nightclub every day!" "nonsense, how did I hear that she entered the detention center?" everyone thought that Yu Huang was willing to degenerate, squatted in the Bureau and couldn't start the storm again that summer, Yu Huang boarded the hot search again - Shengdu Ministry of Education: warmly congratulate Yu Huang of Yonghui high school in our city for winning the provincial No. 1 with 7xx high score and being admitted to Shenyu college that's a Seminary College that only admits ten top talents every year since then, the girl has opened the road of counter attack, Nirvana and rebirth, amazing the world * Sheng Xiao is the first genius in the history of Shenyu college. Lang Yan is unique and unparalleled in the world but he was nicknamed cold faced hell because he was cold-blooded and couldn't move one day, someone caught him blocking Yu Huang in the corner, held her hand tightly and said to her, "you can predict the future. Look at my future. Is it full of you?" Yu Huang looked at it and shook her head, "no, there are a pair of lively and lovely children." this book is also known as sister is your God who can't stand up. " After becoming a star, she went to fix the truth

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