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White head at dusk

White head at dusk

White head at dusk

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    White head at dusk
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    Writer 52d22s
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    Light Novel
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Xiao Jingwen: "The Xiao family has been loyal for generations, but the emperor is suspicious. He has slaughtered all the members of the Xiao family. The Xiao family has been loyal to the loyal souls of the whole family. Since then, it has nothing to do with the Western Dynasty. Since then, the Xiao family army is only the Xiao family army of the Xiao family. Today, I Xiao Jingwen set up an army in dashangguan to wipe out the faint monarch in the West. I wish that the people of the West would have enough to eat and wear warm clothes and would no longer suffer from the pain of purgatory. It is clear that it will eventually restore the innocence of the Xiao family Lin Xian: "I think the girl is so charming. I'd like to give it to you in exchange for being my daughter-in-law.".

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