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Step back and let me come

Step back and let me come

Step back and let me come

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    Step back and let me come
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    Fried mushrooms
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    Health Books
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Shen Tang wakes up on the hair distribution road and finds that the world is very unscientific heaven subdues God stone, and hundreds of countries compete Wen Ning Wen Xin, export comes true martial arts gather courage and break mountains and seas she thought that the little white face said "jump with a gun". The next second, the armor is attached to the body, the long gun is in hand, one person becomes an army, and thousands of troops and horses can kill seven in and seven out the ghost of tuberculosis in her eyes reads "scattered everywhere". The sky is like a round cover, and the land is like a chess game. She arranges troops and arranges arrays at her fingertips this TM is not unscientific it is clear that the coffin of science was nailed by theology and she -- "Lord, northern county is in a severe drought, why don't you cry?" Shen Tang: "... " Lord, southern state is flooded, why don't you smile more? " Shen Tang:"... -- -- looking at the ten bowls of rice killed by her, the clean pockets on her face, and a group of villagers who are hungry for food, unkind and make trouble all day, Shen Tang, the village head suspected of reincarnation and true soul painter, had to give up his beloved brush and was forced to apply for a vassal PS: finished farming competition article "female emperor live introduction", leisure slow wear article "after the big man retires".

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