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My grand master

My grand master

My grand master

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    My grand master
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    Rain seeking
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    Wine Novel
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2022-08-05 16:11:51
The frost passed through and became a poor peasant girl the original owner, Ning Shuanger, was originally an ordinary little girl, but her father died unexpectedly, her mother was seriously ill in bed, and her relatives planned to sell her Ning Shuanger fought hard, was killed alive and threw into the back mountain. Ning Shuang's soul is put on Ning Shuanger. Ning Shuanger dies and resurrects. She is saved by a poor scholar then... She tore the villain's hand, and then led the villagers to make money and get rich. She also saved a little beggar. After that, she relied on the poor scholar. In the scholar's words, it was: the dog skin plaster could not be opened! Later... her business grew bigger and bigger, and she became rich he won the title of No. 1 scholar and became an official in Beijing the little beggar changed his face and became the God of war God of War: whoever dares to bully my sister, I will chop him Xiaomeng baby dragged his knife with a small step: whoever dares to bully his mother, I'll hand it to my uncle an arrogant grand master who was in power was dismissive, but sent people to prison and suffered all the instruments of torture God of War: still my brother-in-law is cruel... xiaomengwa: still my father is powerful!

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