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Ji Shao s little pepper is exploding

Ji Shao s little pepper is exploding

Ji Shao s little pepper is exploding

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    Ji Shao s little pepper is exploding
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    Seal the dust and get drunk
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2022-07-05 14:44:35
The perverse Xueba Jiyun didn't expect that one day she would be planted in the hands of the monsoon the first time we met, she just hung up the lottery. Monsoon helped her pay the medical expenses. When she saw the color, she took the opportunity to ask for wechat, but she was rejected by the straight dog the first time he sent a love letter, monsoon turned around and threw it into the dustbin Ji Yun: are you polite later, I learned that the poem on the love letter was written by the poetess in memory of her late husband... there is no way. Although she is a learning bully, language is her biggest failure many years later, when she turned to the discarded love letter in Monsoon's notebook and questioned someone "didn't he throw it away long ago?" monsoon didn't change his face, "you can pick it up after throwing it away." he was interested in her and had planned for a long time.