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Soft sweet little cute was spoiled by the general

Soft sweet little cute was spoiled by the general

Soft sweet little cute was spoiled by the general

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    Soft sweet little cute was spoiled by the general
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    Qing Jue
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    Free Novel
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2023-04-17 08:47:19
The new book "the long princess's son-in-law, he is paranoid again" is for collection when she first met him, he said a word "dig a hole and bury it." the icy voice was like the sound of nature to her it is also the most beautiful thing she has heard since she was dumped "yes, general." from the mouth of her entourage, she knew his identity. It turned out that he was a cold-blooded general who was repented by her if she had a chance, she would repay him for his kindness of burying his bones later, she was reborn and married him everyone said that Wan Yanji was born with evil spirits, cold-blooded and ruthless, murderous and frightening later, people saw the ruddy general's wife I also saw that the general's wife was bullied and the general's family went out to seek justice for her. It is said that the other party is still the son of the government. He is so stunned that his parents dare not recognize him behind the invisible, people in the general's house can always hear the general's wife's timid questions "is the general still alive?" "the general has returned triumphantly?" "there has been no general on the other side?" people couldn't help asking, "madam, are you so looking forward to the general's death?" Bai Lixin nodded without thinking, "of course, I'll bury him when he dies." in this way, her kindness was rewarded "..." everyone.

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