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The general s sick beauty has been set up again

The general s sick beauty has been set up again

The general s sick beauty has been set up again

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    The general s sick beauty has been set up again
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    Qing Jiushu
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    People Books
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2023-05-26 14:38:02
Fu Mingjiao is a well-known website author and has been rated as the queen of sadism and the stepmother among stepmothers there are countless men and women who have been in her works. Unexpectedly, she wore into her sadistic article and became the sick white moonlight of the man Mingsheng's face is gorgeous, he is a country and a city, but his heart is as vicious as a snake and scorpion. He relies on his family background to be famous and weak. He tries to deceive the male Lord on the grounds of medical treatment, so that the female Lord can exchange blood with her, and eyes for eyes... It is the biggest help to promote the male and female masters be in the sadistic text it's cool to send a knife and wear a book to the crematorium Fu Mingjiao said that I just want to live however, when she was imprisoned in the bed by the man in military armor in front of her, her eyes were red, she grabbed her jaw in despair and threatened: "I don't allow you to die." when she had no backhand, she thought she was dead [little plot] everyone says that the powerful general was born as a fierce bandit. He is cruel and ruthless. He is a ghost climbing out of the dead. If you look at him, he will become the soul of his sword isn't this beautiful, delicate and sick beauty in the general's house unable to survive overnight after the general became married, he stopped riding horses and practicing guns. He ran back to the yard all day. The general's wife coughed and saw the eight foot man trembling and looking at her with red eyes I'm really afraid of falling when I hold it in my hand, and I'm afraid of melting when I hold it in my mouth. Not to mention a word, a look can make the general kneel in front of her bed Where is the half cruel and ruthless ferocity Fu Mingjiao: "... Don't think you can do anything to me like this."

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