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Princess, she s divining again

Princess, she s divining again

Princess, she s divining again

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    Princess, she s divining again
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2023-01-23 07:13:47
One day: the four girls of the yuan family who returned to Beijing in the countryside offended the Regent who was in power. I'm afraid their life will end unexpectedly, the painting style became like this: JIANG Nai: "Lord, I calculated a divination for you. If you go out before dawn today, 99% will be struck by thunder." Regent:... What is the solution JIANG Nai: come to our Yin Yang Zhai and buy an artifact to avoid great disasters dark guard:... Isn't this a pot cover? My subordinates think you seem to have been cheated again is the king's elegant demeanor a pot cover to press? Let's see what it means to have a pot cover on your head the second said: the four girls don't know one big character, and they don't have any ink at all. I'm afraid they don't know anything about their articles Dean of Shangjing Academy: the four girls know astronomy and geography, especially the history and culture of ancient Jiang state, and have made great contributions to academia people: are you afraid of talking about the same person? The dean is probably a nursery the third day: four girls, Ke mu, Ke brother, Ke uncle, aunt and sister, have to be sent to an nunnery to raise them for a few years aunts and uncles: cry, please don't spread rumors. Life is hard. Every time you spread a rumor, we have collective bad luck a few years later, Jiang Nai led a small version of the regent to go shopping the son asked curiously: Mom, why is there a gambling game in the market that you can't live for more than 30 years in the hands of your father JIANG Nai looked guilty: it should start with a picture of shanjutu when my mother was young and ignorant, she hid your father in a picture and almost starved him to death... son:... What did you think JIANG Nai: I think he's pathetic. He's so hungry that his waist is too thin

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