Sketchy Individuals – Game Jam Build

Sketchy Individuals is a fun little police sketch artist puzzle game where witnesses describe criminals to you then you draw them and attempt to pick them out of a line-up.

Created for Shawcat’s 100k game jam, Sketchy Individuals is a lighthearted little puzzle game that puts you in the role of a police sketch artist. For each case a witness comes in and you ask … Read More

Athena Crisis – Alpha Demo

Athena Crisis is an Advance Wars inspired turn-based strategy game with easily accessible battles between warring armies.

Drawing inspiration from Into The Breach, Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Athena Crisis is a pixel art turn-based tactics game playable in single-player or online multiplayer. The full game will feature various types of missions and over 40 different unit types spread across ground, sea and air.

The … Read More

PolyPine – Alpha Demo

PolyPine is a charming incremental forest simulation game where you create habitats for plants, insects and animals, and click on animals to make them poop!

In PolyPine you start with a few basic seeds and attempt to grow a thriving ecosystem. Your seeds grow into trees and plants which then earn you cash and unlock new species to add to your habitat. Each species of … Read More

Heels On Fire – Game Jam Build

Heels On Fire is a very silly and oddly addictive little game where 80’s action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits between two speeding trucks.

Created for the Pirate Software game jam, Heels On Fire is a homage to the classic Volvo advert where Van Damme does the splits between two 18 wheeler trucks. It’s a high score chasing game, with you earning … Read More

Snaketris – Beta Demo

Snaketris is a fun little mash-up of Snake and Tetris, where you can move your snake to make it form different Tetris shapes before it lands.

In each level of Snaketris you have a limited amount of turns to make certain blocks disappear. You make lines of blocks disappear as you would in Tetris, but in this case you aren’t given prescribed block … Read More