What The Car? – Beta Demo

What The Car? is a wonderfully absurd racing game where your car has pretty much everything BUT wheels.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, What The Car? is a new game from the creators of What The Golf?. In the game you take control of cars that seem to think that wheels are just for squares, and use … Read More

Artis – Beta Demo

Artis is a beautifully animated pixel art JRPG adventure where a rookie operative and her back-talking bot fight an AI scourge that’s terrorizing the world.

In Artis you take on the role of Akane – a young woman who’s recently been hired by an agency tasked with dispatching AI controlled robots that roam the world. After many big battles in the past, it seems that … Read More

What The Car? – Beta Sign Up

What The Car? Is a thoroughly ridiculous physics-based driving game starring cars with legs, cars that can snowboard, cars that can swim and many more absurd automobiles.

Previously released on iOS by Triband (creators of What The Golf?) What The Car? is a driving game that stars a large roster of ridiculous vehicles and tracks. During the course of the game your car might … Read More

SULFUR – Beta Demo

SULFUR is a stylish low poly FPS action adventure where you search for redemption in a very deep cave system.

In SULFUR you are a mysterious stranger with no memory and a strange talking talisman. The game starts with you thriving up to the entrance of a vast cave system and to find answers you’ll need to explore its depths. Along the way you’ll gear … Read More