Baby Blues Nightmares – Beta Demo

Baby Blues Nightmares is a very creepy stealth survival horror game where a traumatized toddler attempts to track down his missing toys.

In Baby Blues Nightmares you are a toddler called Aiden, who has a favorite collection of grotesque toys from a TV show called Red Belly and Friends. Aiden favors his ugly toys because he doesn’t like it when people feel left out. However, … Read More

Tormenture – Beta Demo

Tormenture is a nostalgic horror game within a game, where you sit down in front of an Atari 2600 style console and play a game that interacts with the real world.

Drawing inspiration from classic 80’s Atari games (and the FAITH games), Tormenture sees you sitting down in front of your cathode ray TV and playing a new game on your console. At first it … Read More

Tower of Mask – Beta Demo

Tower of Mask features a unique fusion of tile-based first person dungeon crawling and survival horror as you explore a labyrinth filled with strange masks.

The tile-based dungeon crawling in Tower of Mask draws inspiration from classics like Eye of the Beholder. However, the movement is more fluid and you have free control of the camera so it almost feels like a first person … Read More

Owl Observatory – Beta Demo

Owl Observatory is an absurd horror comedy point and click adventure about a peculiar owlish gentleman who traps you in his mansion.

A prequel to the superb Dinner With An Owl, Owl Observatory puts you in the shoes of a renowned astronomer called Tycho Brahe, who (along with some other guests) has been invited to the residence of Mr Brooks. There’s something strange about … Read More

Grunn – Beta Demo

Grunn is a quirky, chilled out and spooky gardening game where you tend to a garden and discover lots of dead bodies.

Currently in development by Sokpop Collective, Grunn plays like a blend of Sludge Life, a gardening sim and a horror game. You are a gardener who has been hired to do some maintenance work on a garden over the weekend. The owner … Read More