CONSCRIPT is a very intense retro survival horror adventure set in the trenches of Verdun during the First World War.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a little over a year ago, CONSCRIPT is a dark and gritty survival horror adventure that puts you in the shoes of a lone French soldier during the First World War. It draws inspiration from classic survival horror games like Resident Evil, but with a top-down viewpoint and a historical setting of the Battle of Verdun.

The game takes place in the trenches just as all hell is breaking loose and Germans are overrunning the defenses. You do see the occasional friendly NPC, but on the whole, you’re pretty much on your own as you fight your way through the trenches, solve puzzles, scavenge resources and attempt to save your injured brother.

The latest CONSCRIPT demo build takes around an hour to play through and features a lot of new content, new gameplay elements and improved visuals. There’s also a handy trader who appears near save points and allows you to buy/sell items and upgrade your weapons.

The World War One backdrop makes for a very unique and genuinely terrifying place to set a survival horror game. The audio design is superb, and it really builds up the tension as you hear the cries of wounded soldiers and massive explosions occurring around you. The encounters with German soldiers are also pretty terrifying, not only because they’re fast and tough, but because your guns take so long to reload (you’re often best to take one shot then switch to a melee weapon to finish them off). Every encounter feels like it could be your last as you fight to the death in the bloody trenches of Verdun. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The CONSCRIPT Beta Demo Here (Steam)