Full Fathom – Alpha Demo

Full Fathom is a deep sea survival horror game where you pilot a rusty old submarine through a world that’s been flooded with water.

In Full Fathom the Earth has been flooded and you are one of the few survivors. You have managed to get your hands on an old deteriorating submarine which you plan to pilot your way back to civilization. However, the ocean is an unkind place, your submarine is prone to damage and you’re very fragile if you decide to venture outside of it.

You pilot your sub by finding disks with coordinates on them, uploading them and plotting your course. You then just have to adjust the throttle (don’t go full throttle as the engines are prone to fires), to go or stop wherever you like along that route. You can venture outside of the sub in search of supplies, equipment and more disks, but it’s best to stay clear of any giant sea creatures you encounter.

At the moment, the interface is a little user-unfriendly (especially the inventory system) and it can be pretty confusing when you start up for the first time. However, once you get to grips with it Full Fathom is a great game. There’s a real sense of peril when you venture out of the sub and the submerged world is a fascinating place to explore. It’s also nice that you can retreat to the (relative) safety of your submarine at any time and there are plenty of maintenance and upgrade jobs you can do to make it a little more seaworthy. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Full Fathom Gameplay Video Here

Download The Full Fathom Alpha Demo Here (UPDATE: The Demo has been temporarily removed for bug fixes. Please check back later)

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