Games to Get Excited About Fest

You’re cordially invited to the Games to Get Excited About Fest – An indie games event that showcases exciting new indie games in development.

The Games to Get Excited About Fest will feature over a hundred unique indie games showcased in just over an hour, with a few little links and terrible puns between game categories. The aim of the show is to respect viewers’ time and showcase games that deserve it, rather than ones who pay the most money. This means no filler, no CGI trailers and no five minute long mobile game adverts starring Chris Hemsworth.

The whole thing was organized in a week (I wanted to get it out while Steam’s Next Fest was still on), so there are likely a few mistakes and plenty of things that could be improved, but I hope you like it and that it makes you a little more excited about the future of gaming. It launches at 11pm UTC today. Hope to See you there!

You Can Watch The Games to Get Excited About Fest Here (Starts 11pm UTC today)