High Fructose – Kickstarter Demo

High Fructose is a fast paced first person hack n slash roguelite where a ninja slices their way through waves of monstrous fruit.

Even wanted to know what Fruit Ninja would be like if it was a first person roguelite? Well High Fructose has the answer. It’s a fast paced FPS roguelite where a ninja fox slices up waves of fruit. Between waves you can earn perks and as you play you collect coins which can be used to buy swords and weapons from the shop.

The core gameplay is pretty simple, but the vibrant visuals, upgrades and speed of the combat make for a very addictive experience. A great way to (b)eat your five a day!

Check Out High Fructose On Kickstarter Here

Download The High Fructose Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)

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