Infinite Pizza – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Pizza is an eye-melting infinite running RPS game where you slice your way deep into the cheesy heart of an infinite pizza!

Created for 7dfps and PROCJAM, Infinite Pizza is a very weird and highly addictive first person infinite runner where you race headlong into an infinite pizza set within a procedurally generated fractal space. It looks incredible and it plays a little like a first person version of Super Hexagon, but with lots more cheese and the ability to shoot tomatoes.

It’s a tough game and you’ll do well to last more than a minute in Infinite Pizza’s bizarre infinite cheesescape (particularly as your speed builds quickly the further you dive into the pizza). Also, much like Super Hexagon it’s very addictive and gets pretty mesmerizing when you get into the zone. A fantastic little (pizza) slice of high speed reflex testing action you won’t regret taking a bite out of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Infinite Pizza Here (Windows)

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