Kickback – Beta Demo

Kickback is a biopunk roguelite top-down shooter where you can only move by using the recoil of your weapons.

In Kickback you pilot an organic combat vehicle that’s been heavily damaged so can now only move via the recoil of its own weaponry. You can equip different weapons to the left and right mouse button, each with different types of fire and recoil strengths. As you blast enemies they drop XP that allows you to level up your stats and at the end of the round you can select perks and weapon upgrades (and at the end of each game you can purchase unlocks from the shop).

It could probably do with making the stat upgrades more interesting, but aside from that it’s a very promising game that makes clever use of its novel control scheme and has a very addictive gameplay loop. A game where weapon recoil can be a very good thing.

Download The Kickback Beta Demo Here (Steam)