Tiny Glade – Beta Demo

Tiny Glade is a chilled out and wholesome little game where you doodle 3D castles in cozy forgotten meadows.

There are no real objectives in Tiny Glade – you simply mess around with the various building tools to create cozy little castles. The tools are very easy to use and allow for a very freeform and hassle-free approach to building. You can knock up a castle in seconds or spend an hour creating an architectural masterpiece.Every new change you make is seamless and blends in perfectly to make it look like it’s always been there.

The demo limits some of the features and restricts you to a fairly small building area, but it’s still an absolute delight and allows you to unleash plenty of castle creativity. The building tools are so good that it’s near-impossible to create an ugly looking castle. Highly recommended.

Download The Tiny Glade Beta Demo Here (Steam)