Toxic Crusaders – Beta Demo

Toxic Crusaders is a lighthearted pixel art beat ‘em up where Toxi and his pals set out to mop the floor with the mutated menaces that plague Tromaville.

Playable in single-player or local co-op with up to four players, Toxic Crusaders is a good old fashioned retro beat ‘em up inspired by the likes of Final Fight, Streets of Rage and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. It’s based on the ill fated 1990’s Toxic Crusaders cartoon (which was cancelled after one season), so it’s fairly wholesome family fun, rather than the gore-fest a movie adaption would be.

The Toxic Crusaders demo features four playable characters and one whole stage that takes around 15-20 minutes to play through. Each character has their own unique moves and you can pick up throwable weapons (and enemies) throughout too.

It’s a fun retro beat ‘em up with vibrant visuals, full voice acting and plenty of 90’s cartoon charm. As with any beat ‘em up it can get a little repetitive, but it does a good job of introducing new enemies and areas to keep things fresh. It’s nice to see Toxie and pals back on the streets of Tromaville again!

Download The Toxic Crusaders Beta Demo Here (Steam)